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What's the advantages Ultrabook?

What's the advantages Ultrabook?

A new era begins, and with it their technological innovations, one of the innovations that will arrive to stay on the market in 2012, are Ultrabooks.More after all what is a Ultrabook, what its advantages. These are some of the biggest doubts of readers today.hinking about sony VGP-BPL21 we decided to clarify these and other doubts.Well, the Ultrabook is one of the biggest news in the world market, and was presented at CES 2012 as a new format to the old notebook, leaving behind in many aspects.

In assessing the breathtaking 3D graphics, 3DMark06 done with the software, the MacBook Air Core i5 made ​​4293 points, nearly five times more than the version of the Core 2 Duo upgrade Benfeito Although, important features such as an HDMI output and keyboard in standard ABNT2, remained off the list of settings for this new MacBook Air sony VGP-BPL14/S sells for 3799 dollars.Any similarity between the design of the notebook with 13.3-inch Series 9 (900X3A-A01), Samsung, and MacBook Air, Apple is not a coincidence.

But, beyond beautiful, thin (1.6 cm thick at the narrowest region) and lightweight (1.3 pounds), the Korean notebook with a body made ​​from Duralumin, an alloy used in the aircraft industry is strong. The model is equipped with the Intel Core i5 2537M, one of the first chips of low power generation Sandy Bridge. Thanks to sony VGP-BPL10, the tests of the Series 9 Infolab showed excellent performance and autonomy.Presented as a new concept notebook, designed by Intel.

Spiked 8,063 points in PCMark Vantage tool that evaluates the performance of the machine, leaving behind the MacBook Air (2544 points) and even the new 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with Core i5 Sandy Bridge (5431 points). The Apple M7318 life measured with Battery Eater software simulating the heavy use of computers, it's 2 hours and 17 minutes. The thin lateral limit the supply of connectors and exclude the optical drive. The Series 9 3999 actual costs.

According to Intel for a notebook falls into the category of Ultrabook, he must have less than 21 mm thick, and more complicated, costs less than one thousand dollars, here in Brazil this range extends to 2000 actual according to marketing director for Intel in the country.Most have not yet reached Apple A1080 crucial points in the Ultrabook contains three major advantages compared to notebooks. Lightweight, more powerful hardware, and battery with more durability.

Consumers relied on only two types of notebooks, ultra-portable hardware much lower than the conventional example of an ultra-portable netbook is.And then relied on those top models in a matter of hardware, which had nothing more portable, which consume charge your batteries quickly.In May 2011, the chipmaker has invested in Apple A1061 new class of computers, and since then, companies like Acer, Asus, HP and LG have launched or announced models that follow the new concept.

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How to teach your name to Siri?


I have no name "common". Since I can remember people have always been wrong and confusing to others. My frustration and fatigue sometimes led me to use pseudonyms to avoid complicated explanation and dictation. But this problem goes beyond the human, needless to say it is not uncommon in the virtual world. A recurring theme in laughter with friends and family is like Siri says my name, "Nejwien" and not "Nehuen." My next fanboy geek and was terribly hurt by this,[b]dell xps m1530 battery
to find a solution.

As you will imagine, a major obstacle for us is the language. Until Apple add Spanish to the languages ​​supported by Siri, we have to deal with the English (or, why not, with French and German). However, there are two ways to teach Siri how to pronounce his name correctly:From now on call Dell xps m1330 battery ...The first option is somewhat limited. Basically, Siri is to say that from that moment begins to identify with another name, or say your name new nickname, or pseudonym.

To do this, simply activate Siri (holding the Home button pressed for two seconds) and say: "From now on call me a name" ("From now on call me NAME"), replacing the name you like (yes, words like "Daddy," "Love," and other funny connotations also works). Still, this method is still limited to the pronunciation of Dell xps m1210 battery technology and the ability to recognize what it says. In other words, it is still a bit limited for us Spanish speakers.

The other option is the ultimate solution to the misunderstandings, at least when dell inspiron b130 battery comes to names. The book addresses the IOS now has two fields for entering the names phonetically, or you can set a name and your user name phonetically and other contacts. So with a little ingenuity and creativity, you can do Siri say your name correctly, and that clearly identifies your friends and family. This requires that you edit a contact, scroll to the bottom of the settings and add a field.

In the options presented will be "phonetic name" and "phonetic name." In my case, as you can see in the image, how to set my name would be pronounced in English was salvation. Also, you can use other custom fields such as name or nickname, or the type of relationship (where you can indicate whether Dell inspiron 9400 battery is a partner, relative, etc..). Personally, I hope that the technology of this voice personal assistant to add the Spanish and English does not depend most wonderful functions to control the iPhone 4S.

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Apple introduced iOS 6 WWDC

Apple introduced iOS 6 WWDC

Apple has introduced on Monday opened the 2012 WWDC event in mobile systems, the most recent version of the iPhone OS 6: about Upgrades will be available next fall and is compatible with iPhone 3Gs and later, a fourth-generation iPod touch, as well as second and third generation with the iPad. As many feared, iPhone OS 6 is the only feature of the update the user interface without major changes. Natiivisovellusten Many of the reforms, however, are quite significant.

The new Maps API - supports the guiding navigation, vector-based 3D view, users remain anonymous for future traffic updates, and photorealistic 3D views of the largest metropolises. Supplier of dell KD476 was changed from Google to TomTom.Passbook application will probably be very popular, at least a bit older folks, young barely.Sirin to understand more about the new version of the language and will be available for the new iPad. Siri also know more about, such as sports, movies or restaurants.

Facebook integration is finally part of the iOSia. Facebook sharing features are part of the operating system most commonly used applications, such as cameras, Maps, Calendar, App Store and Game Center.Sharing ,Dell Inspiron E1705 battery photos is easy iOSissa new friends. The desired images can be shared to friends directly from a photo application iCloud service.Local search is being rolled out worldwide, however, and there's support for more languages.

Phone calls The application supports the rejection of a flick, quick response to the sending of messages, set reminders, and call the new Do Not Disturb mode, which allows the set time, through only certain calls.iPhone OS 6 will most likely see sony VGP-BPS26 in the autumn of next-generation iPhone after the release. Tell the comments what you think about Apple's mobile operating system from the most recent version - which surprised and what the expectations were not fulfilled?

Passbook is a new application from the ticket, elokuvalipuille, coupons, and member cards.Siri is also going mobile: the new Eyes Free feature will put a Siri button on the steering wheel of sony VGP-BPS23, Land Robers, BMWs, Mercs, Toyotas, Chryslers, Hondas, Audis and GM cars. The manufacturers have promised to support the feature in the next 12 months. E-mail the application, has been made easier to use and more versatile. Adding images and videos will be easier and you have a VIP folder for important messages.

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Notebook ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

Notebook ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

The best graphic performance mobile in its class.Get the best graphic performance computer industry thin and light laptops: Mobility? ATI Radeon X1400. A GPU nanmetros 90 discrete processes with a new 3D architecture ultra-threaded, offers much more visual power all of the UMA graphics integrated with an improved memory controller and bus call RAM compatibility DDR/DDR2/GDDR3 128-bit, 4 channels and high speed.

Accelerate tasks and entertainment with a native interface x16-lane PCI bus Express, which moves data channels 4 pixel clock and shader 2 vertices processors. Mobility Radeon X1400 concentrates all power mobile graphic and visual speed you need for your portable PC.Mobility? ATI Radeon X1400 graphic provides the best performance in class for thin and light laptops computers, providing 3D games improved reproduction of high quality video and longer life of the sony VGP-BPS20A.

Improve performance with graphic processing unit graphic (GPU) dedicated 90 nanmetros 3D architecture ultra-threaded, enhanced memory controller with ring bus interface and native 16x PCI Express bus.Perfection Avivo video and images?Start a revolution in portable entertainment on your thin and light sony VGP-BPS23 with the spectacular technology Avivo video and display? ATI. Integrated with Mobility? ATI Radeon X1300, Avivo ntidas and provides images incredible color fidelity on the LCD screen of your portable PC.

Adjust your Mobility? Radeon X1400 with ATI software recognized,Mobility Catalyst Control Center, and the technology of ATI's gestin PowerPlay energy? 6.0. Catalyst Mobility especficas active functions for mobile devices and 3D acceleration control set ptimos values ​​automatically on your sony VGP-BPS13B/B portable thin and light.PowerPlay? ATI monitors usage and capacity to ensure ideal balance of high graphic performance and extended life battery.

MOBILE 3D gaming high definition with Mobility? ATI Radeon X1400 bring your PC to thin and light portable any unconquered gaming territory.Bring TV shows more external displays at high resolutions with total compatibility modes High definition and standard definition (SD).With hardware acceleration for H.254 advanced video reproduction,Mobility Radeon X1400 makes your portable sony VGP-BPS13/B experience the maximum mobile entertainment.

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HP technical assistance refuse to recognize the defect

I suggested not to buy HP notebook, I believed in the name of the company, and I fucked.he HP notebook is seen as one of the best on the market, along with a Sony Vaio laptop, a Dell notebook or an Apple notebook. Just a clarification when you buy a computer and you are in doubt between a notebook and an HP Compaq notebook, another name associated with quality. HP produces almost only computers with at least two processor cores, our recommendation.

HP acquired Compaq a decade, and today these notebooks have the same quality manufacturing and technology, as well as excellent after-sales at HP. What changes is the type of model.All models come in different sizes and configurations. Some people may need more Dell GK479 battery life, others may need a better video card.Some give much importance to mobility, models of small and light notebook hp. Other, larger screens and more Parruda setting are ideal for playing games and watching movies.

My player notebook began to "stick", I made contact on HP which was registered under protocol number 8053308184, after a few weeks the carrier picked it up, the device, and after twenty days returned damaged, or the anomaly that existed when I directed, came the same way, made ​​before forward Dell HD438 battery, the notebook had sound, just that when he returned from service in addition to the existing defects, no sound came, and with a report that said the problems in the notebook was misused.

I made new contact in 0800, and was directed to the 2nd level, which in conversation with Diego Solla, asked to wait, and after some 12 days I received a call from number, in which the staff of the other, they lacked mean? chase their loss, because it will stay the way that this'. Unfortunate, for Dell XPS m1330 battery has an icon in HP notebook, I have to throw out my notebook, and I guarantee I'll buy an LED (with them I'll never be on hand). I know it must have recourse to justice, and as it takes I'll see how it goes.

HP anymore, and my friends aconcelho.The HP Pavilion dm1 is much more powerful than netbooks and offers a design that provides more mobility compared to most notebooks.HP 530 battery is an entirely new class of compact notebook for students and mobile professionals seeking an ideal balance of power and productivity with the HP CoolSense technology, which allows adaptation at all temperatures.Very light and 2.52 cm thick, this compact notebook is easy to carry and use.

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